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Dalmia Gold Premium Dust Tea

This product is mastered out of the super fine premium dust grades of teas available in the market. The teas are selectively picked from the estates that manufacture the most premium quality Dust teas and further blended to perfection. Though these are made out of fannings (smaller grade CTC teas) but are still sold more expensive than the whole leaf of cheaper teas because of its very strong liquor and juicy flavourful taste. DalmiaGold Dust tea has a very strong liquor and tastes best with/without milk.

Dalmia Gold Green Tea

This blend is specially made out of the finest of orthodox green teas and to be consumed without milk. The product contains green teas picked from selected tea estates and blended for a sweet and smooth flavour. This is the best product for consumers looking forward to health benefits out of its consumption which not only helps in loosing weight but also reduces the risk of several heart and lung diseases.

Dalmia Gold Big Brand

As the name goes by, this product is specially prepared for consumers looking for reasonably good taste and liquor at an economical price. Going by the label, this blend definitely attracts consumers looking for the best possible taste and liquor at an affordable cost. This product is more popular and a favourite amongst people who have fondly consumed and trusted it for its consistency in taste at the most effective retail price.

Dalmia Gold Supreme Tea

It is the most premium product at DalmiaGold with a fine taste and experience. Apart from the best CTC grades of teas, select orthodox long leaves from Assam and Darjeeling are mixed which brings out the best in taste and appearance. Due its distinct quality and liquor it’s definitely a tea connoisseurs first choice. This product truly defines the rich taste of Indian CTC teas which is definitely recognized worldwide for it’s being in itself. It is the strongest and the most enriching blend in terms of freshness and aroma.

Dalmia Gold Premium Tea

It is our company’s highest selling product, with exquisite taste and aroma, it leads to a fresh golden cup of tea. The best grade CTC teas brought from the most premium and finely plucked tea estates of Dooars and Assam, blended together to ensure an ultimate satisfaction of taste and strength. The blend is specially created with utmost care and passion, to deliver the best at the most affordable price range.

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